Skeena Country 2015

In August 2015 we were able to spend a week in the beautiful Skeena Valley, it was good to be home again. We had very good water levels so Sockeyes and early Cohos came up in good numbers. We all could hook a couple of Steelheads but they were not running up in huge numbers. Nevertheless, we had an amazing time with our buddy Maurice and enjoyed the beautiful Skeena landscape. On our last day the river was high and dirty so we had to fish one of the pristine tributaries. I could manage to hook a solid 30lb Chinook that made his way into freedom just before the net...great fight, you always need to work very hard for hooking one of them but when it happens you will know why people get more and more into spey fishing for these beasts. Steelheading was our target and we all did well, Sven caught a nice one on a sunny day and my father could catch his first Steelie ever. We will come back - that´s for sure.