Las Buitreras 2016

Seatrout fishing at the Rio Gallegos in Argentina! Together with Solid Adventures and tackle shop "Angelbär" from Frankfurt we could set up a hosted trip to this fantastic place. I was able to stay there for 2 weeks and started my trip with Wolfgang and Rick (Solid Adventures). After a direct flight to Buenos Aires and a domestic flight to Rio Gallegos we arrived at the beautiful Estancia Las Buitreras. The lodge is top notch, single and double rooms and really good food. The staff is really friendly and will help you with every question you have. Solid Adventures owns a 40km section from the Gallegos that is separated in 5 Zones with over 50 pools. You fish with two persons per guide and change zones nearly every day which is awesome as you have a maximum of 11 people in the lodge that fish over 40km of water. Even you would think the whole area is pure desert there are lots of animals and rocky structures which make it a stunning place for photos. The fishing during our time was hard as El Nino caused a very dry season and low water. Nevertheless, we could catch some really nice seatrouts, Wolfgang was able to get a really nice fresh 15 pounder and on the last two days I could catch a total of 5 seatrouts around 10-12lb. Scandi lines and nymphs were the ideal set up combined with 7 or 8 weight switch or dh rod. In the second week our group from Frankfurt with Jörg (owner of Angelbär), Tim, Guido, Toni and Sven arrived and at the same time the cold weather. It is fall during this time so water temperatures range between 3-8 degrees. Unfortunately, fishing didn´t get better but everybody was able to hook into some nice seatrouts by the end of the week. I was lucky to catch a really nice coloured male around 15lb with a small Copper John nymph.


Wolfgang and Sven also booked a couple of days fishing at the Santa Cruz river for the only known Atlantic Steelhead run worldwide. The drive from Las Buitreras to the lodge at the Santa Cruz takes about 3 hours and is based in the mittle of nowhere. This is a true adventure and of course the lodge is not that comfortable as Las Buitreras offers. You will have great food, a lot of wine (as everywhere in Argentina) and wicked fishing for some of the hardest fighting fishes in freshwater. Sven and Wolfgang had some great days and could catch Steelheads up to 18lb! It is a huge river and fast flowing water, so Skagit lines and T-Tips from T10-T17 are necessary.


In comparison, we can say that it was a great trip even though the fishing at Las Buitreras wasn´t that good as expected due to bad weather conditions during the whole season. They have never had such low water levels in the last 14 seasons and we still caught some nice seatrouts. We will be back in 2017 so contact me if you want to join us!


Tight Lines

Felix Hansvencl