Kangia River Lodge - Greenland

Fjords, crystal clear rivers, artic char and a country with the world´s lowest population density. Sounds like the ideal place for a fishing adventure! That´s exactly what the guys from Solid Adventures thought and now realized to run an exclusive operation with the Kangia River Lodge. Another great destination that will offered to anglers worldwide always under the principals of Solid Adventures (catch and release fishing, nursing local resurces for sustainable long term operations and involving the local communities).



The Kangia River Lodge, located on a plateau right at the delta of the majestic river, comes with spectacular views overlooking seapool and a sheltered bay where the river meets the Atlantic Ocean. The lodge is simple but comfortable just the right way for such a trip. The main lodge can accommodate up to 12 anglers at once. Sleeping quarters are based on bunk bed system with a total of 6 rooms with two people sharing each room. The main lodge has two water toilets, two warm water showers, a fully equipped kitchen, a brand new bar and lounge area as well as a spacious dining area overlooking the river. The Lodge comes with a big veranda where you can catch every minute of sun during the day



This place is a 1,5 hr boat drive away from Maniitsoq and features some world-class char fishing as well as cod, halibut, etc. fishing in the ocean. The Kangia Fjord and its river plus creeks are an exception for the region. Not only do the char run up in mind dazzling numbers, they also pack some weight with an average of 2 kg. Fish in the size of 3-4 kg are common and fish up to 7 kg have been hooked and landed on fly gear in the beautiful pools of this wildly meandering river. Bare in mind this is a very sparsely fished river and even bigger fish have been hooked and lost. A single hand fly rod in 5-7 or a switch rod in 5-6 will do the job and will have a ton of fun with those hard fighting fishes on light rods. The seawater fishing is just as amazing as the freshwater game. What the landscape lacks in lush ora and fauna, it makes up for under water where rich seaweed and kelp jungles grow all the way up to the surface for a bit of sunlight. Cod and Halibut amongst other fish thrive under these conditions and grow up to true giants. Fly anglers literally just scratch the surface since most of this fishing is deep-sea fishing, but the results might surprise you.


The season runs from early July to early September.


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