Jungle Tarpon - Costa Rica

Northern Costa Rica is a land of lost waters and unique fly angling opportunities, and we are excited to offer you with Solid Adventures the chance to have an encounter with the exotic. While really big tarpon can be caught in many places around the world, the fish inhabiting the inland rivers of this northern region are quite extraordinary. Growing to epic proportions, it’s not unusual to see schools of hunting fish well into the triple digits. This is without a doubt one of the world’s finest fly-fishing trophy tarpon destinations, and one that has managed to stay just below the radar resulting in large and aggressive tarpon who aren´t afraid to charge and inhale a fly. The fishery consists of a vast system of freshwater rivers, creeks, and flooded lagoons surrounded in verdant rainforest and swampland. The tarpon have journeyed from the Caribbean some 300+ inland miles to reach these hunting grounds. At the time of the tarpon’s arrival, seasonal rains flood the immense lagoons to create an inland sea surrounded by volcanoes and rife with other primeval creatures like tropical garfish, sawfish, and freshwater bull sharks. This collection of archaic predators explosively feed on the many species of baitfish flushed into the lagoons by the heavy annual deluge, much to the delight of adventurous anglers. From their time in the tannin-stained freshwater the tarpon have lost their silvery hue and are very dark in color. Battling these beasts confined by the river’s lush banks is at once an explosive and awe inspiring experience. If you need a breather from throwing large streamers on your 12-weight outfit, the area brims with monkeys, wading birds, spectacled caiman, and other interesting rainforest creatures. This is truly a very exclusive program with only 4 rods per week in the middle of the jungle!



Despite this program being remotely situated amidst lush, dense jungle, this destination leaves nothing to wish for in terms of accommodation and comforts. Guests will share a private luxury villa overlooking the river and some of the best fishing spots on the whole river. The house offers 4 bedrooms and up to 5 beds, 3 complete baths, and is spread across 2 floors complete with AC and Wifi. The house also has a shared lounge area and its own private outdoor pool, the perfect location for a cold beer after a day spent chasing monster tarpon.



Anglers can expect to fish from simple but efficient river pangas, with 2 anglers per boat taking turns on the bow. Since the environment is quite dynamic, fishing situations are also varied, ranging from sight casting at tarpon hunting or waking in shallow lagoons and creeks, waiting for tarpon to roll or break bait on the surface before presenting a fly, and blind casting in likely areas. Definitely a place where you need casting skills with a big rod as well as some distance casting, although this is a place were you get really close to tarpons on certain circumstances which is unique compared to other places. Overall, anglers can expect many shots at fish ranging from 60 to well over 200 pounds each day as the tarpon here are active feeding fish with very little exposure to fishing pressure. You will need a 12 wt single hand rod as well as some floating and sinking lines to be set up for all kinds of conditions.


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