Felix Hansvencl

My dad and grandfather took me fishing in early ages and with the age of 12 I started fishing with the fly especially on small streams in Germany and bigger rivers in Sweden. Flyfishing is my passion and this will never change. In the meantime I combined my passion for fly fishing and travelling which gave me the chance to fish different places such as Alaska, Canada, Norway, Northern Sweden etc.


After finishing my studies - B.A. International Sports Management (accadis Hochschule Bad Homburg) and B.A. International Business Administration (Newcastle Business School, England) - I travelled through Canada and the USA with my backpack for nearly one year. In this time I worked for a Fly Fishing Lodge on the famous Skeena River (British Columbia) and realized how much I love to work in the outdoors and helping/guiding people by sharing knowledge. Therefore, I offer my help as a travel agent and host for various trips all over the world.