Greenland - Kangia River Lodge 2017

Arctic char fishing in Greenland and you can be part of it! Greenland has the world´s lowest population density and is famous for its fjords and crystal clear rivers full of fish. It is truly an adventure that everybody is searching for. The Kangia River Lodge offers some amazing river fishing for arctic char as well as ocean fishing with the fly for cod, halibut, etc.  I will  host a trip to this amazing place from 31.08. - 08.09.17! More information here.

Las Buitreras - Argentina - April 2017

Searun browntrout and Steelhead fishing in Argentina! It doesn´t get any better so safe your place for the next season in 2017.

We are again offering a hosted trip with Solid Adventures to Las Buitreras - Argentina from 8 - 15 April 2017 and also a three day add-on to Los Pladeados Lodge at the Santa Cruz River from 15 - 18 April for Steelhead!


More infos here. Places are limited so if you are interested contact me by email (don't hesitate to contact me also for other weeks of the season).

Felix Hansvencl, Fly Nature, Canada

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