Upcoming Hosted Trips:

Argentina - Las Buitreras Lodge and Los Plateados Lodge (Santa Cruz) 2018

Our hosted trip to Argentina is more or less a tradition already so therefore we will again make our way down to Tierra del Fuego in April 2018. This time we will have a bit more time, fishing one week for seatrout at the famous Las Buitreras Lodge and afterwards one week for the only Atlantic Steelhead run at Los Plateados Lodge further up north. The anadromous game down in Argentina is mind blowing, sunsets as you have never seen them before, best asado, Malbec wine and most important a great fishery. If you want to follow us to our "second home" just let me know. More information here.

Costa Rica - Jungle Tarpon 2018

In fall 2018 there is a real highlight waiting for me and a small group of people that want to experience a unique tarpon fishery in the middle of Costa Rica's jungle. I am very excited to host this Solid Adventures trip when fishing for tarpon in a big river and lagoon area in the northern part of Costa Rica with the chance of catching one of this silver torpedos - fish between 20 - 200 lb are possible. If you want to join me on this amazing trip just contact me directly. More infos on the program here.

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